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Siri & Per
Vartorps gård
36333 Rottne

Phone: + 46 705 40 70 71
Produktion: NorrWebb
Stay in rooms in the old granary

We have converted our fine old granary into a small pension. The building lies near the lake and the river and just beside the newly renovated mill which has the largest water wheel in Kronoberg county.

From the veranda to the south/west you can look down over the park where you can catch a glimpse of the lake between the old giant oaks.

About the pension

The pension has 7 rooms with separate toilet.
You can stay from two to three persons in the rooms.
There is painted dadoes and beautifully wallpaper.

The granary is smoke and animal-free. One of the rooms is handicap-friendly and has access out in the open as well as to the common areas indoor.

The common area indoor is roomy and cosy and has allså beautifully wallpapers.
The old granary

Kitchen facilities are available in the building.

In the common areas of the granary you have access to:

- Scullery and kitchen with stove, microwave oven, refrigerator and freezer.
- Dining room and living room.
- Two showers.
- Drying cupboard for drying of wet clothes and boots.

RENT THE WHOLE KORN MAGAZINE! Take the big family, colleagues, association or friends to Småland. Special offer for rent of the entire grain magazine. In the hostel you will find 6 double rooms with toilet and 1 double room with both bath and toilet, as well as a shared kitchen, dining room, living room and 2 bathrooms. All rooms are the same. Each room has a special bunk bed. During the day the bottom bed is a sofa, but at night it can be converted into a regular double bed or a single bed. This means that up to 21 people can be accommodated in the house, subject to the double beds Call or email to learn more and for the price.
Living room
By the way - did you know that?

• the lake is very low, very suitable for splashing water and bathing children?

• you can rent a boat, canoe or kayak at favorable prices when you stay with us?

Contact us for further information.

Dining room and kitchen
View of the lake
The double bed is made