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Vartorps gård
36333 Rottne

Phone: + 46 705 40 70 71
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Vartorp is exactly where Mörrum river runs out into the big lake Övrasjön which has an extent of about 2 x 3 km. Mörrum river connects Övrasjön with the lakes Drevsjön and Örken to the northeast and with Sörabysjön, Öjaren, Tolgsjön and Helgasjön to the southwest - before it finally runs out into the Baltic through several other lakes.
Övrasjön and Drevsjön makes up a fishing area to which only one fishing licence is required.

According to those responsible for the fishing area, these two lakes have the following species of fish: Perch, white bream, silver bream, pike, burbot, roach, tench and trout.

You can use several different fishing methods, amongst others: Fly-fishing, angling, trolling
Fishing is allowed in most of the lakes if you buy a fishing licence. A licence for Övrasjön and Drevsjön can be bought from us. You may also rent a boat or canoe including life jackets on a daily or weekly basis. Electric motors can be rented separately.
Did you know that...

during the winter, there are often days when it is possible to try ice fishing?