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Siri & Per
Vartorps gård
36333 Rottne

Phone: + 46 705 40 70 71
Produktion: NorrWebb
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Siri & Per
Vartorps gård
36333 Rottne

Phone: + 46 705 407071

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Here we are
Vartorp is situated where the Småland plateau goes into the highlands of Southern Sweden, an area with many lakes 25 km north of Växjö and 6 km outside the small town of Rottne. It is an approx. drive of 2 hours from Helsingborg or approx. 3 1/2 hours from Copenhagen.

Vartorps koordinater:
RT90: x= 6327522/y= 1446875
WGS84: Lat: N57grader 4'15.34"/ Long: E14 grader 55' 45.76".

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RENT THE WHOLE KORN MAGAZINE! Take the big family, colleagues, association or friends to Småland. Special offer for rent of the entire grain magazine. The price is 2500 SEK. Per night 7 nights: 16,000 SEK. High season 7 nights 22.000 SEK. In high season you can only rent the whole hostel, and weekly, with change over days on Saturdays, the high season comes around week 27 to 33 and 2 canoes including life jackets is included in the price. Final cleaning is not included in the price.

RENT OF ROOM! Room rates: single room 380 SEK, in double room 560 SEK, one extra person (one third person) in a double room will be 100 SEK. Rental of sheets and towels 130 SEK per set. Washing machine available for use in the house, 40 SEK per wash.