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Siri & Per
Vartorps gård
36333 Rottne

Phone: + 46 705 40 70 71
Produktion: NorrWebb
Nearby sights

Sights nearby

The following sights can be reached on a one-day-trip from Vartorp.
The world of Astrid Lindgren
· Gold washing in Ädelfors
· High Chaparral – the wild west
· Kleva Gruva – Fairy mountain
· Fairy Museum and Museum of Legends in Ljungby
· Carl von Linné's Råshult
· Kingdom of Crystal - many glassworks, often with open workshops, exhibition rooms and serving of culinary specialties
· Huseby Bruk - the works estate
· Lessebo handmade paper works
· Mediaeval churches. In our area we have four interesting mediaeval churches, one of which is a wooden church.
Nydala Monastery
Moose parks: Elinge Moose Park, Moose Safari Drive In, Lagan Park
· Nature reserves
· Nykulla tower - commanding a wide view
· Växjö - the closest town (25 km) with nice shopping street, cathedral, aqua park, Småland Museum, House of Emigrants and golfing.
· Øland - an island which is the smallest province in Sweden
· Kalmar - a fine commercial town with mediaeval castle and maritime museum
· Ikea in Älmhult
· Kosta Outlet – glass and branded goods
· Flea markets (’loppis’) and auctions - see the newspaper Smålandsposten every Saturday
· Kingdom of furniture in Lammhult – a town known for its many furniture shops - 24k

And so much more that we look forward to telling you about