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Vartorps gård
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The surroundings of Vartorp Farm

The mill – Vartorp Kvarn   |   Canoe, kayak and boat   |   Bathing and water splashing
Fire at sunset at the edge of the lake   |   The park   |   The forest

Water and Vartorp are one and the same – it already lies in the word Vartorp, since ’var’ means water in Old Swedish. The farm lies just where Mörrum river runs into Övresjön lake.

With this position, the farm has been able to utilise the power from the water, and the water, as a traffic artery, has connected Vartorp with the world outside.

The water at Vartorp comes gushing at Vartorp old mill – today a beautiful attraction – and by the river and the lake.

The lake is ideal for bathing, and lake and river provide great opportunities for canoeing and fishing.