Welcome to Vartorps Gård - a wonderful place for relaxation,

nature experiences and adventures.

We offer accommodation in an old farm environment surrounded

by stunning nature, lake and surroundings.

With us you get an experience out of the ordinary!  


At Vartorps Gård it is never far to the next adventure or experience! Hike, paddle, swim, bike and pet the animals. Or why not pack a picnic basket and venture out into the nature reserve Lunden and enjoy the meadows, the forest and the lakes.



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About Vartorps Gård

Vartorps Gård is situated in wonderfully beautiful surroundings and here you enjoy the magnificent nature. Our impressive park with long beach edge towards Övrasjön has large grassy areas to run around to play on and here no other people live than we.

Discover the old ruins from the farm's history or make a bonfire on one of the fire places in the park by the lake. Our horses, chickens, pigs and cats contribute to the feeling of being in an old farm environment.

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Vartorps Gård

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Vartorps gård
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