About us


Vartorp was once a grand mansion with both mill and sawmill, driven by the water from Mörrumsån and with several thousand acres of arable land. Today, the farm is a peaceful oasis with a unique holiday form, which unites the desire for a simple nature holiday with the need for modern amenities. Stay on a farm with horse breeding, chickens, pigs, stable cats and rabbits with the beautiful Småland nature around the corner. Vartorp is located where the Småland plateau crosses into the southern Swedish highlands, an area with many lakes, 25 km north of Växjö. The nearest village is Rottne (6 km) and it takesabout 2 hours drive to Helsingborg and 3.5 to Copenhagen. Vartorps Gård is beautifully situated with magical surroundings. We are neighboursto Vartorps Kvarn and the nature reserve Lunden withseveral beautiful hiking trails to explore.