People has livedhere at Vartorp since far, far back in history.The firstpersonwe know about, and can name, was a real knight - Rörk Tordsson. He lived here until 1345 and after him came other knights and squires.

The Sparre family lived here for hundreds of years before the last Sparre was finally beheaded.Many people knowsthe Sparrefamily through the sad love story of the tightrope dancerElvira Madigan and Lieutenant Sparre.

On the farm's heyday there were 2000 acres to the farm. It also included many farm workershouses, many ofthemcan still be seen in the landscape. The water from Mörrumsån operated both mill, sawmill and threshing machine. The manor house was built in the 18th century. It is now located as a giant ruin in the park, as well as many of the buildings that originally belonged to Vartorp. At that time, the farm functioned as a small community. In the early 1900s, the farm was sold to a large paper mill, and thus became part of the emerging industrialization of Sweden. The main building was turned intoan orphanage for children with tuberculosis. Many of the children who undertook treatment still live today. Vartorp reflects a large part of Sweden's history and is marked by the history, for good and bad. The placeholds manyfascinatingstories. And we are happy to tell them further.