Vartorp was once a magnificent manor house with both a mill and sawmill driven by the water from Mörrumå and with several thousand barrels of land.Today, the farm is a peaceful setting for a unique holiday form that unites the desire for a simple nature holiday with the need for modern conveniences.


You can rent a settlement in our large nature park, where you live in real tippies and cook over bonfires. Or you can rent a newly furnished room in The Old Corn Magazine. Whatever is the beautiful small country nature with lake, forest and fishing right at your fingertips.

Vartorp is located where the Småland plateau crosses into the southern Swedish highlands, a southern area 25 km north of Växjö and 6 km outside the small town of Rottne. It's about. 3 and a half hours drive to Copenhagen and approx. 2 hours to Helsingborg.